Head of Commercial
RERA BRN: 27869

After a decade of being in the Public Eye; in the Arts, Publishing, Entertainment, and Television, Angela Gegg left her career in the Caribbean to start a new life in Dubai. Before arriving in the UAE, Angela hosted a number of Television Shows and Broadcasts. Her talk show "OMG, Oh Miss Gegg" on Krem Television was a late night favourite, and despite its popularity she decided to leave it all behind after falling in love with Dubai.

Angela is fluent in both Spanish and English, with a bachelor in Arts, and having published two books. She saw that there was a lack of credible copywriters and began writing for numerous companies, moving on then to write for numerous real estate companies. Writing brochures, real estate blogging and writing web content in Dubai Real Estate began the road to her present career path. She joined E&T Commercial and has become Real Estate Driven ever since. Angela says that, to her, "there isn't much difference between hosting her talk show and selling property, they both involve talking and interacting with people on a daily basis".

She always gives her clients 150%, ensuring extensive positive referrals and repeat business. She specializes in Business Bay and downtown primarily with JLT and Marian as sub-locations in SALES, and in leasing she works these plus, Media City , DIFC and Healthcare City. Her sales range from full commercial floors in the Burj Khalifa to Retail Units for Shops in Dubai Marina. She also has several exclusive villas in Jumeirah, Emirates Hills, Jumeirah Islands, and Abu Dhabi in her portfolio.

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Sales   Rentals     Type: Area:
 Area Building Specification Size (sq ft) Price/sq.ft. Price
 Al Warsan X26 Fitted 506 AED 1,107 AED 560,000 more details
 Al Warsan X26 Fitted 721 AED 1,103 AED 795,000more details
 Al Warsan X26 Fitted 926 AED 1,102 AED 1,020,000 more details
 Barsha Plot of Land Plot of Land 10,000 AED 1,300 AED 13,000,000more details
 Business Bay Opal Tower Shell and Core 9,585 AED 1,252 AED 12,000,000 more details
 Business Bay Oxford Tower Shell and Core 1,675 AED 1,190 AED 1,993,250more details
 Business Bay Lake Central Fitted 820 AED 1,200 AED 984,000 more details
 Business Bay Lake Central Fitted 688 AED 1,200 AED 825,600more details
 Business Bay Empire Heights Fitted 1,485 AED 1,350 AED 2,004,750 more details
 Business Bay Al Manara Tower Semi fitted 936 AED 1,350 AED 1,263,600more details
 Business Bay The Binary Shell and Core 736 AED 1,700 AED 1,251,115 more details
 Business Bay Bay Square Building 6 Shell and Core 1,960 AED 1,122 AED 2,199,120more details
 Business Bay Bay Square Building 3 Shell and Core 2,000 AED 1,250 AED 2,500,000 more details
 Business Bay Bay Square Building 12 Shell and Core 1,574 AED 1,207 AED 1,899,818more details
 Business Bay Bay Square Building 1 Shell and Core 3,700 AED 1,216 AED 4,499,200 more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Shell and Core 905 AED 1,200 AED 1,086,000more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Shell and Core 1,131 AED 1,200 AED 1,357,200 more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Shell and Core 1,036 AED 1,200 AED 1,243,200more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Shell and Core 1,160 AED 1,200 AED 1,392,000 more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Shell and Core 958 AED 1,200 AED 1,149,600more details
 Business Bay The Regal Tower Shell and Core 1,396 AED 1,420 AED 1,981,668 more details
 Business Bay The Binary Shell and Core 1,135 AED 700 AED 795,000more details
 Business Bay Sobha Ivory Tower 2 Fitted 1,203 AED 1,275 AED 1,533,825 more details
 Business Bay Old Town Shell and Core 1,157 AED 1,544 AED 1,786,763more details
 Business Bay Silver Tower Fitted 10,536 AED 1,367 AED 14,400,000 more details
 Business Bay Bay Avenue Fitted 1,200 AED 4,167 AED 5,000,000more details
 Business Bay The Binary Shell and Core 16,066 AED 1,800 AED 28,920,000 more details
 Business Bay Sobha Ivory Tower 2 Shell and Core 1,077 AED 1,000 AED 1,077,000more details
 Business Bay The Binary Shell and Core 16,233 AED 1,800 AED 29,220,000 more details
 Business Bay The Binary Shell and Core 32,299 AED 1,700 AED 54,910,000more details
 Business Bay The Binary Fitted 725 AED 1,550 AED 1,123,750 more details
 Business Bay Oberoi Tower Shell and Core 2,938 AED 1,800 AED 5,288,400more details
 Business Bay B2B Tower Shell and Core 3,863 AED 3,500 AED 13,520,500 more details
 Business Bay B2B Tower Shell and Core 3,863 AED 3,500 AED 13,520,500more details
 Business Bay B2B Tower Shell and Core 2,722 AED 3,500 AED 9,527,000 more details
 Business Bay O-14 Tower Shell and Core 7,000 AED 1,350 AED 9,450,000more details
 Business Bay Al Manara Tower Fitted 1,335 AED 1,401 AED 1,870,000 more details
 Business Bay Opal Tower Shell and Core 2,593 AED 1,350 AED 3,500,550more details
 Business Bay Opal Tower Shell and Core 1,740 AED 1,350 AED 2,349,000 more details
 Business Bay Opal Tower Shell and Core 2,256 AED 1,350 AED 3,045,600more details
 Business Bay Opal Tower Shell and Core 1,410 AED 1,350 AED 1,903,500 more details
 Deira Centurion Star Tower Shell and Core 20,366 AED 1,750 AED 35,640,500more details
 Deira Samaya Hotel Fitted 1,884 AED 796 AED 1,500,000 more details
 DIFC Emirates Financial Towers Shell and Core 3,423 AED 1,800 AED 6,161,400more details
 DIFC South Tower Shell and Core 2,973 AED 2,000 AED 5,946,000 more details
 DIFC Emirates Financial Towers Shell and Core 3,480 AED 2,000 AED 6,960,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 883 AED 1,750 AED 1,545,250 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 2,047 AED 2,350 AED 4,810,450more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 989 AED 2,349 AED 2,323,234 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 5,252 AED 1,850 AED 9,716,200more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 9,197 AED 1,850 AED 17,015,000 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 3,709 AED 1,850 AED 6,861,650more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 4,050 AED 1,850 AED 7,492,722 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 3,842 AED 1,850 AED 7,109,550more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 3,690 AED 1,850 AED 6,826,500 more details
 DIFC Limestone House Shell and Core 26,784 AED 2,501 AED 67,000,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 4,292 AED 1,350 AED 5,794,200 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 3,488 AED 1,350 AED 4,708,800more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 2,768 AED 1,350 AED 3,736,800 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 7,275 AED 1,350 AED 9,821,250more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 2,047 AED 1,851 AED 3,788,800 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 1,415 AED 1,850 AED 2,618,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 1,120 AED 1,849 AED 2,071,427 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 2,094 AED 1,850 AED 3,873,382more details
 DIFC Liberty House Shell and Core 1,522 AED 1,971 AED 3,000,000 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Fitted 885 AED 2,881 AED 2,550,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower 1 Shell and Core 2,901 AED 3,447 AED 10,000,000 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 621 AED 2,013 AED 1,250,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 1,705 AED 4,106 AED 7,000,000 more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 1,204 AED 2,000 AED 2,408,000more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 2,768 AED 2,000 AED 5,536,000 more details
 DIFC Index Tower Shell and Core 23,783 AED 2,000 AED 47,570,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower 1 Shell and Core 841 AED 1,450 AED 1,219,450 more details
 DIFC Burj Daman Semi fitted 45,870 AED 2,200 AED 100,910,000more details
 DIFC South Tower Semi fitted 10,520 AED 2,728 AED 28,700,000 more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 8,656 AED 2,000 AED 17,312,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower Fitted 538 AED 2,788 AED 1,500,000 more details
 DIFC Park Tower Shell and Core 3,488 AED 2,000 AED 6,976,000more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 7,275 AED 2,000 AED 14,550,000 more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 4,292 AED 2,000 AED 8,584,000more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 2,287 AED 900 AED 2,058,624 more details
 DIFC Park Tower 2 Shell and Core 477 AED 1,677 AED 800,000more details
 DIFC Park Towers Shell and Core 479 AED 2,000 AED 958,000 more details
 DIFC Liberty House Fitted 1,121 AED 2,230 AED 2,500,000more details
 DIFC Park Tower 2 Shell and Core 5,200 AED 1,300 AED 6,760,000 more details
 Downtown Dubai Boulevard Plaza 1 Fitted 4,500 AED 3,111 AED 14,000,000more details
 Downtown Dubai Burj Khalifa N/A 1,012 AED 4,941 AED 5,000,000 more details
 Downtown Dubai Al Saaha Shell and Core 3,767 AED 2,500 AED 9,417,500more details
 Downtown Dubai Burj Khalifa Shell and Core 11,187 AED 5,542 AED 62,000,000 more details
 Downtown Dubai Burj Khalifa Shell and Core 8,848 AED 7,911 AED 70,000,000more details
 Downtown Dubai Burj Khalifa Shell and Core 8,852 AED 5,500 AED 48,686,000 more details
 Dubai Investment Park Grand Stores Warehouses Fitted 29,400 AED 1,531 AED 45,000,000more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 11,275 AED 2,022 AED 22,800,000 more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 48,000 AED 2,250 AED 108,000,000more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 24,000 AED 2,167 AED 52,000,000 more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 4,639 AED 2,637 AED 12,233,200more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 24,000 AED 2,000 AED 48,000,000 more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 24,000 AED 2,167 AED 52,000,000more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 11,366 AED 1,891 AED 21,490,000 more details
 Dubai Marina Marina Plaza Shell and Core 3,932 AED 1,650 AED 6,488,000more details
 Dubai Marina The Waves Tower A Fitted 2,552 AED 2,743 AED 7,000,000 more details
 IMPZ The Centrium Shell and Core 4,422 AED 1,600 AED 7,075,200more details
 Jumeirah Plot of Land Plot of Land 6,240 AED 1,763 AED 11,000,000 more details
 Jumeirah Jumeirah 2 Fitted 12,500 AED 2,080 AED 26,000,000more details
 Jumeirah Lake Towers HDS Business Centre Shell and Core 10,500 AED 1,200 AED 12,600,000 more details
 Jumeirah Lake Towers HDS Business Centre Shell and Core 1,114 AED 950 AED 1,058,000more details
 Jumeirah Lake Towers Jumeirah Bay X3 Shell and Core 9,747 AED 1,250 AED 12,183,750 more details
 Jumeirah Village Circle Plot of Land Plot of Land 79,144 AED 147 AED 11,634,168more details
 TECOM Icon Tower Fitted 3,762 AED 319 AED 1,200,000 more details
 TECOM Smart Heights Fitted 12,265 AED 900 AED 11,038,500more details
 Umm Suqeim Plot of Land Plot of Land 15,000 AED 2,667 AED 40,000,000 more details
 Umm Suqeim  N/A 16,200 AED 2,469 AED 40,000,000more details
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