Gareth Mcleod

Sales & Leasing Consultant

Meet Gareth, who joined E and T in Dubai in 2014. Gareth has 7 yrs real estate experience, having lived and worked in sales and marketing in the UK for over 20 yrs. In his first year in the real estate industry, he showed his natural ability to sell homes and was awarded sales consultant of the year. Having achieved awards for the UK and Spain sales offices, this resulted in a well-deserved early promotion to Sales Manager and within a year he was again offered a second promotion to Project Director. Eager to progress and broaden his career, he made the decision to move to Dubai in 2014, having seen the opportunity and lifestyle which Dubai offers. Despite the change in market, he has adapted well to the Dubai market and in the space of time he has been with E and T, he has shown great potential. Currently Senior Sales, focusing on sort after villa areas, The Villa, Springs, Meadows, Emirates Hills and JGE Gareth promises to offer an honest, proactive, professional and friendly service

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